20 December 2020

Thermomix bowl, blade, and lid set

Thermomix sitting on a benchtop with an extra bowl, blade, and lid

Written by Megan

Megan is an independent Thermomix consultant based in Mackay, Queensland. When she isn't at her day job or the library, you'll likely find her tinkering with her Thermomix (closely supervised by a cat or two). Megan gets a kick out of inspiring others to use their Thermomix and you can download her Thermomix Fakeaway menu for free.

20 reasons why you’d want more than one Thermomix Bowl

If a Thermomix is one of the best things you’ve bought, then an extra Thermomix bowl, blade, and lid set won’t be far behind. Feeding kids, catering for allergies, and big batch cook ups are all do-able with one Thermomix bowl, but a second bowl makes these tasks infinitely easier.

Still not sure? Here are 20 reasons why you’d want an extra bowl, blade, and lid set for your Thermomix:

  1. Ignore the “clean and dry mixing bowl” step; just pull out another bowl and keep going.
  2. Ignore the “transfer into a bowl and set aside” step; leave the ingredients in the first bowl and pull out another bowl and keep going.
  3. Avoid cross contamination when catering for allergies.
  4. Have spare parts on hand so you can keep cooking even if you’ve accidentally chopped up your butterfly or you’re waiting for replacement blades to arrive.
  5. Cut down on the time it takes to do bulk cook-ups – keep cooking in one bowl while the other is in the dishwasher.
  6. Forgot to grate cheese or carrot? Run out of almond meal or condensed milk? Set one bowl aside with your partly finished recipe, quickly whizz up your missing ingredient from scratch in the other bowl and keep going.
  7. Use one bowl to make cocktails, pull out the second bowl to make a dip, then pop both in the dishwasher.
  8. Keep one bowl for wet ingredient mixing and one bowl for dry ingredient mixing on baking days. With a bit of forethought, you can get away with washing both bowls only once.
  9. Prepare dinner up to a certain step in one bowl in the morning, then pop it into the fridge[1] until tea time.  Use the other bowl during the day to keep cooking.
  10. When kids are at the “BUT I’M STARVING!!!” level of hungry, pause what you’ve got cooking in one bowl while you whip up sorbet in another.
  11. Prepare dessert up to a certain step in one bowl, then pop it into the fridge[1] and start dinner in another bowl.
  12. Make baby’s meal in one bowl then put dinner on for the rest of the family in another bowl.
  13. Melt chocolate in one bowl and whip up egg whites for chocolate mousse or Brookies in another bowl.
  14. Have a clean and dry bowl ready to go for perfect egg whites when making Pavlova or sponge cakes.
  15. Make cake batter in one and beat up icing in another.
  16. Make Bolognese sauce in one bowl and béchamel sauce in another when making lasagne.
  17. While your roast is in the oven, whip up gravy in one bowl and steam veggies in the other.
  18. Make curry/sauce in one bowl followed by rice/pasta in another bowl.
  19. Keep one bowl for making washing powder and body products.
  20. If you join as a consultant, keep one bowl nice and shiny for taking to your Cooking Experiences 😉

To see some recipes where having a second Thermomix bowl would come in handy, visit Cookidoo and the Thermomix in Australia Blog

You can purchase extra Thermomix bowl, blade, and lid sets directly from TheMix Shop:

1. You might find the silicone lid cover handy for this. ^

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