Meet Megan

Megan is a Thermomix Consultant living in Mackay, Queensland

Hello! I’m Megan and I’m a fussy eater. If you’d told me in 2013 that a Thermomix consultant would get me eating citrus fruit sorbet, I would have said you were daft. Or more accurately I would have looked at you blankly while furiously thinking:

  • What’s a Thermomix?
  • Get me eating fruit? Pfff, as if!

Growing up, I didn’t eat terribly. My parents did their best to get me eating veggies (fruit was a lost cause).  Mum’s side of the family are Australian-Maltese sugarcane farmers from the Pioneer Valley west of Mackay, so homemade food with Mediterranean flavours is a big part of my life. Mum taught me to cook (Dad contributed a few recipes too) and I grew up loving baking.  However, I’d screw my nose up at new foods and Vegemite sandwiches are, still, hands down, my favourite thing to eat.  Then along came the Thermomix.

I love baking in my Thermomix and regularly adapt recipes to be LCHF/keto or gluten free for family and work colleagues

Why did I invest in a Thermomix?

It all started when my Aunt invited my Mum and me to her Thermomix delivery demonstration in 2013. I knew nothing about the Thermomix, but I was interested to see what it was because my aunt – a long-time accumulator of kitchen gadgets – had started to give her collection away. What was this super appliance that could make her do that?!

When I found out what the demo menu was though, my heart sank. “Orange sorbet?” I thought. “Yuck! Dip? Gross! Leek Soup? Yech! Chicken? Foul! Custard? Ugh! I’ll just stick with these plain crackers that you’ve provided for the dip.” (Yep, I was a fussy eater). But then a bowl of orange sorbet was handed to me. I ate a tiny spoonful nose already screwed up in anticipation… “wait… WOW! This actually tastes nice!!!” Before I knew it, I finished the bowl. Then came the dip. “Holy mackerel! This is great!!!” I ate the dip with a whole packet of crackers. I was looking forward to the soup now. And it was so creamy and delicious – without any cream (did I mention I didn’t like cream)! By that point I was stuffed. So stuffed, I was nauseous. I didn’t eat the chicken velouté meal or the custard that night.

But my interest was piqued and Mum and I hosted a demo of our own. I went easy on the dip this time and got to try the chicken and the custard. I’m sorry to say the chicken was still foul, but the dip was nothing like the stuff I hated from the carton. What was this super machine that could make me enjoy normal foods?!

Well, it was the Thermomix. Mum and I went halves in one and haven’t looked back. By most people’s standards, I’m still a fussy eater, but I now enjoy browsing recipes and am more willing to try new foods. Until the Thermomix came along and made food preparation easier, I didn’t realise a lot of the foods you buy ready-made at the shops could taste so much better when they were made from scratch.

Why did I become a Thermomix Consultant?

I work fulltime and have no plans to give up my day job. I’m not as garrulous in person as I am in writing so if you’d told me in 2015 that I’d be a Thermomix consultant whipping up citrus sorbet, chicken curries, and san choy bau I would have said you were daft. Or more accurately I would have looked at you blankly while furiously thinking:

  • There’s no way I would have the courage to do that.
  • I’m not a good enough salesperson to be a Thermomix consultant.

However, my performance reviews at work said I needed it develop my confidence and come out of my shell, so I knew I needed to practise my conversational skills. So, I took the plunge and became a Thermomix Consultant.  It was a logical decision; when my friends began to groan every time I mentioned of the “T” word I thought “if I’m talking to them about the Thermomix this much surely I can manage to have a conversation with strangers about the Thermomix!” Some days I still get tongue tied and might look at you blankly while furiously trying to think of something to say, but I’m getting better and now I’m even the coordinator of my team at work.

I’ve been a Thermomix consultant since October 2015 and I am familiar with the TM31, the TM5, and the TM6

How can you see the Thermomix in action?

Book an in-home or virtual demonstration (ahem, I mean, “Cooking Experience“) with me. You just need to choose your menu and supply a few simple ingredients, then invite two friends from different households to bag a host reward.  That’s it; I’ll do the rest. There is no obligation to buy at a cooking experience and there’ll be no “hard sell” from me because:

  • I’m still a terrible salesperson
  • The Thermomix is so good it can find a place in people’s kitchen without a salesperson.

I enjoy sharing ideas, recipe, tips and tricks to help people get the most out of their Thermomix.  I’ve owned the TM31, TM5, and TM6 and am happy to offer support for any model.  I also do a few markets in Mackay and keep some Thermomix parts and accessories on hand if you need a new bowl brush/butterfly whisk/lid seal etc. and don’t need to order anything else from the MixShop.  If you’re stuck for meal ideas, you can download my Fakeaway menu and pop it on the fridge to help with your family’s meal planning.

If you aren’t sure about investing in a Thermomix, you can visit the official Thermomix website to:

A little more about me…

By day, I’m a surveyor (i.e. I’m a measurement professional). I love the variety of work, the problem solving, and the cool gadgets.

These are my furry overlords. I think two cats is a perfectly acceptable number, hence the “not-quite-crazy cat lady” tag

My favourite food – a Vegemite sandwich (on Thermomix made bread of course!)