31 December 2023

Australia’s top Thermomix Recipes of 2023

Written by Megan

Megan is an independent Thermomix consultant based in Mackay, Queensland. When she isn't at her day job or the library, you'll likely find her tinkering with her Thermomix (closely supervised by a cat or two). Megan gets a kick out of inspiring others to use their Thermomix and you can download her Thermomix Fakeaway menu for free.

What was the Australian Thermomix Community Cooking in 2023?

One cool stat Vorwerk shared in 2023 was that, every 12 seconds, someone, somewhere in the world was starting a step-by-step Cookidoo recipe. And that’s not counting all of the recipes made from Thermomix cookbooks, blogs, and magazines, plus all of the family favourites converted to Thermomix methods.

In Australia and New Zealand, we made 10.8 million Cookidoo recipes this year. From the simple basics like boiled eggs and the ever popular Thermomix mashed potato to classic main meals and fakeaway favourites, we cooked a variety of recipes in 2023. Whether these are already on your recently cooked list or you’re looking for new recipes to save to your Cookidoo collections, scroll down for Australia’s top Thermomix recipes of 2023. It should give you plenty of inspiration to get your meal planning started for 2024.

Top Cookidoo Recipes of 2023

Cookidoo is the subscription based website that lets you browse recipes, add them to meal plans and shopping lists, then follow them step-by-step on the screen on your TM6 (or TM5 with Cook-Key). This list of recipes were the “top” recipes shared with us by Thermomix in Australia: the ones owners searched for and interacted with the most in 2023. The ten “most cooked” recipes can be viewed in Australia’s Cookidoo Served 2023 collection on Cookidoo.

Thermomix Recipe Community Top Recipes of 2023

And we can’t forget the good old faithful Recipe Community. From quick breakfasts to old fashioned sweets, the Thermomix Recipe Community has lots of free recipes (over 31,000 at the time of writing) to explore. They’ve all been submitted by someone just like you and me – Thermomix ambassadors, consultants and owners. They haven’t been tested though so proceed with caution. If you’re just starting out, you can be pretty confident that these recipes are winners. However, always check the comments for tweaks.

Some of these recipes have now been added to Cookidoo so you can cook along step-by-step on the screen of your Thermomix. Check out The Best of Recipe Community collection.

My Favourite Thermomix Recipes of 2023

And there you have it – these were the Thermomix recipes that Australia was cooking in 2023. How many did you make? Did your favourite make the list?

Mine certainly didn’t 😆 In 2023, I made a grand total of… one recipe off the top Cookidoo recipes list (Beef Fajitas – yum!). But that’s the beauty of the Thermomix. It fits into your lifestyle so you can cook what YOU want to cook, not the other way around.

My most cooked Cookidoo recipes in 2023* were:

Feel free to share your favourite Thermomix recipes in the comments.

* When you cook guided recipes on your TM6 or TM5 with Cook-Key, Vorwerk will compile your statistics ready to share them with you at the end of 2024. If you’d like your own recipe round-up in 2024, check out this article for more information.

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